Vision & Mission Statement


“Growth through Community and Challenge”


This statement is the vision of all companies in the Flashpoint Group*. It guides our decisions and the direction of the companies.



We aim to help the personal growth of our customers and the team. We do this by providing support and controlled challenges that help our community grow no matter what their circumstances or current experience.

We believe in the value of developing a “growth mindset” and do what we can to foster this in our team and community as a whole. Creating resilience by valuing effort and learning over short term outcomes.  



Climbing walls are natural community centres. The activity is mostly non-competitive and the experience is similar at all levels so a beginner can be struggling on a V1 next to a pro having the same struggle on a V10. Their shared experience makes talking and creating friendships easy. 

Activity centres are places where families often come together to share a day out with friends, or parents may come and relax while their children are participating in the activity. As spectators are watching in the same space this gives us an opportunity to socialise and develop friendships with other local families. 

We promote community spirit in the events we run, the policies we implement and the welcoming environment we foster. 



Sports and activities that have an element of risk management (such as climbing, trampolining and soft play) help us to develop control of our minds, our emotions and bodies. 

These challenges can be done alone or with the support of friends, family or coaches further developing trust and confidence. 

Our coaches are trained to develop Growth Mindsets in those we teach, empowering them to see failures as stepping stones on a path of continuous improvement.

We develop policies that empower our teams to grow personally and professionally regardless of their passions and direction. 


*The Flashpoint Group currently consists of Redpoint Bristol, Flashpoint Bristol, Flashpoint Swansea, Flashpoint SwindonFreedog Bristol and Freedog Swindon.


Mission Statement

We will achieve this vision by:



*Currently these facilities involve climbing, ninja courses, trampolining and soft play. 

**We ensure our environment is un-intimidating by our music choices, social media presentation, the actions & attitude of the team, the cleanliness of the centres, engaging events, with space given over specifically for socialising and services run “not for profit” that benefit the community (such as the Guaranteed Partner Scheme).

***An example pathway might be that a child may come to soft play first, then over the years will trampoline, complete the ninja course, do some fun climbing activities, then get involved with the main climbing wall and be coached all the way to being a self reliant climbing athlete who goes off on their own adventures as a young adult.