Flashpoint Swansea is now offering term time sessions for young climbers looking to work through the NICAS scheme, or simply looking to climb a lot and progress in the sport! Sessions are separated by age and level, with Boulder Monkeys for ages 7-10 and Boulder Juniors for ages 11+. Our friendly instructors will guide kids through their journey – from brand-new climbers to technically proficient & independent boulderers!

For one monthly price you’ll get:

  • Instructed climbing sessions once per week.
  • Your space is reserved (no need to worry about rebooking or losing your preferred day/time).
  • Unlimited climbing at all of our centres (Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and Swindon).
  • Free shoe rental every session!

Try it out today in a one off Taster session! Give the Clubs a go without the commitment. Click Here!




Boulder Monkeys

Ages 7-10 yrs

Boulder Monkeys Level 1-2 offers an exciting start to bouldering for kids aged 7-10. Our focus is on learning the basic safety skills and essential climbing techniques, combined with fun activities that keep the young ones engaged. All instruction is age appropriate, and sessions are filled with bouldering-specific games and challenges.

For our Boulder Monkeys who are ready for a new challenge after completing NICAS level 2, we have the Level 3 group. Here, we introduce more advanced bouldering techniques and skills, while reinforcing safety measures. The emphasis is still on having fun, but with a tad more focus on progression.





Boulder Juniors

Boulder Juniors

Ages 11+ yrs

Boulder Juniors Level 1-2 is designed for older kids eager to start to learn bouldering in a fun and safe environment. The focus here is to build on the fundamental climbing skills, improving agility, balance, and coordination, while learning to navigate more complex routes.

Boulder Juniors Level 3 is the club for those aged 11+, ready to take their bouldering to the next level after completing NICAS level 2. This club introduces advanced techniques and encourages independent navigation of more challenging bouldering routes.

What is NICAS?

What is NICAS?

NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) is a nationally recognised scheme designed to introduce children to bouldering.

The key aim of NICAS is to provide a safe introduction to bouldering for young people aged 6 years and up. Those who are keen to progress through to the higher levels will learn the techniques needed to improve their climbing and how to boulder safely in an indoor bouldering centre.

There are 5 NICAS Levels that you can progress through with Level 1 being an introduction to the basic safety rules and concepts and Level 5 going in depth into how to train independently for the sport. 

Each level has 9 or 10 criteria that need to be signed off to progress on to the next level.

You will have to pay £7.50 to register for NICAS and receive a NICAS Logbook. You can do this at reception.


What do we teach during the sessions?

Here at Flashpoint Swansea we have developed a 10 week rolling session plan with a different climbing technique being taught each week. 

The 10 sessions are: footwork, weight transfer, route reading and tactics, foot swaps, dynamic movement, bridging, laybacking, twisting, flagging, and drop knees. 

During every session the instructors will also teach the appropriate safety rules and skills and ensure every participant is following these. 


How does NICAS fit in with this?

For NICAS Level 1, once a climber has completed 1 rotation of the 10 session plan then the instructors will start signing off the NICAS criteria.

For NICAS Level 2 it is the same but, instead, they have to complete 2 rotations. 

At NICAS Level 3 you will need to move to a separate session specifically for Level 3 and above climbers. This is because the content of the lessons become more advanced from this level. These sessions will still follow a session plan but the coaches will focus more on developing the individual climber’s specifically on what their needs are.